The Metro Public Health Department maintains a COVID Dashboard which you can see here. The far right tab "COVID-19 Epidemiology and Surveillance Updates" links to a PDF updated daily with Case, Death and Vaccine stats and demographic data.

Missing hospital data in PDF table of contents

This report is circulated internally then posted to the public each day. Before posting for the public, the hospitalization data mentioned in the table of contents is scrubbed from the report, as to not be shared with the general public. Except sometimes they forget a page...

Davidson County Resident ICU Admissions as of 3/24/2021

As of March 24, there have been 217 Davidson County residents admitted to the ICU as COVID positive. A rough count of the chart shows as many residents admitted in the first 6 weeks (March-April) of the pandemic (around 48) as the last 5 months of the pandemic (November-March '21). As of March 24, there have been around 10 admissions to ICU in all of 2021.

These PDFs are overwritten daily, so there is no historical link available. We've maintained copies here for reference: