Nashville for Rational COVID Policy acknowledges the need to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic safely, and to minimize the risk of infection for those at highest risk: The elderly, and those with significant pre-existing conditions. Simultaneously, however, it is important for policymakers to acknowledge and account for the costs of mitigation efforts, so as to balance these costs against the perceived benefits.

Messaging from Mayor Cooper and the Metro Public Health Department, however, has been fairly one-sided, focusing only on how measures limit the spread of the virus in terms of transmission rate, new cases, and hospital capacity, without acknowledging the very real pain that they inflict on Nashvillians - both now and into the future.

Among these costs are:

We believe that these measures should not be in place a moment longer than absolutely necessary to maintain adequate health care resources for residents and frontline workers, in view of these costs. At the very least, Nashville deserves an open dialogue, accountability, and clearly-defined measures which remain fixed and which contemplate and balance these considerable costs to our community.