We are Nashville for Rational COVID Policy - a non-partisan advocacy group of concerned Nashvillians. We are small business owners, medical professionals, concerned parents, and workers who want to ensure that Nashville's COVID policy is clear, transparent, grounded in data - and that it's working to minimize ALL societal costs (in terms of lives, as well as livelihoods) for everyone in Nashville.

Our goals and mission for the people of Nashville are:

  1. To maintain transparency and accountability in public policy related to COVID mitigation efforts. Policy measures should be clearly defined, and changes should be communicated well in advance, giving the public sufficient time to respond. Further, measures should be grounded in data that is publicly available, and which most accurately captures the level of community spread and associated risk that exists in Nashville as of today.
  2. To make known the substantial costs associated with sweeping mitigation efforts. Business closures, school closures, and restrictions on private establishments are detrimental to business owners, employees, parents and children alike - not only financially, but also in terms of mental health, education, and in terms of second-order public health effects. These measures should not be held in place a moment longer than necessary, and their benefit should be assessed against their cost as part of a public dialogue, not by decree.
  3. We are non-partisan and are not affiliated with any other political causes, candidates, or parties. We strongly believe that COVID presents risks and challenges - but that prudent public policy involves balancing those risks against the costs of mitigation efforts, so as to minimize the total damage to our community in view of the current data and information.

We look forward to a productive relationship with city leaders and health officials to ensure that the health, safety, and livelihoods of all residents of Nashville are taken into account to arrive at rational, data-driven policy.